My Experience in Monrovia
Mrs. Fatou Jobe Jammeh
Mrs. Fatou Jobe Jammeh

The experience I had in Monrovia is one of the best that one could ever imagine in life.
I am a young lady from The Gambia currently in Liberia, Monrovia, for a week’s visit, and have experienced a lot during my stay.
I flew onboard the Gambia Bird Airline, and we departed from The Banjul International airport on Monday 24th June, 2012 at exactly 8:00 a.m., and we arrived at the Roberts International airport at exactly 1:00 p.m., having transited from Dakar, Freetown, and then, the plane finally landed in Monrovia.
Upon my arrival at the airport, everything was just great. The immigration officers treated me with respect, and that made me feel at home.
Underway from the airport in Monrovia to my residence, I realized that Liberians are hard working people because I could see that the streets were very busy with people, especially, the teenagers whom I saw selling foodstuffs and other items on the roadside.
For the first time in my life, I also saw motorbikes as a commercial means of transportation in the city. It’s really amazing because I believe this venture is a very good initiative to engage the youths into income generation, which reduces criminality in the country.
Another thing I love about the country is that the roads in Monrovia are very good despite traffic congestion, as it is common in all big cities. To be exact, after the Crown Hill Road, the road leading to the Capitol Bye-pass, the one in front of the AFRILAND FIRST BANK from Broad Street in the city, to me, is fascinating. The road is somewhat a slight slope from the Broad Street end, and on the other end, in front of  the bank, is a flat tarred ground that makes riding breathtaking.  
The food
What I love most is the Liberian food (in fact, all their foods). The Palava sauce, fried greens, palm butter soup, kidney beans, and the dry rice, are my best food. 
The reason I like the food so much is that a typical broth may include delicacies, such as meat, fish, chicken, crab and shrimps, which give the sauce a palatable taste. 
In my country we cook fish or meat or whatever at a time in our soup, but having learnt the Liberian way, when I go back to my country, I’ll cook the Liberian way. I think it’s the best way to cook.
The hospitality of Liberians
Another thing that really motivated me to love the country so much, is the hospitality of the Liberian people.  They are very open to strangers. They are nice, and so, they always make you feel at home, no matter where you come from, or what ethnic group you’re from.
I had always taught that The Gambia is the only African country hospitality is displayed, but not until I came to Liberia, my notion has changed seeing that Liberia is a paradise on earth.
The city car parking
I learned the city car parking system in Monrovia. I like it because it is good—it’s a good initiative that I would like to introduce to the Gambia, when I return home.
It’s a good system because it creates more rooms for employment for the youths; and also, it reduces the crime rate in the country.
The media
I am a Journalism student at The Gambia Press Union School of Journalism.  I noticed that the Liberian reporters are young and robust, and as such, they take seriously the demands of news reporting.
Furthermore, I had the opportunity to read over 30 newspapers in the city, and I noticed also that there are over 50 electronic media (including radio and  television) houses in the country. 
Certainly, I am privileged to see the different phases of journalistic reporting in the country, such as the reportage on politics, socioeconomic, developmental, sports, and many more. This makes me grateful to my host for the experience.
Commodity prices
One thing which really made me worry is the prices of some of the things sold in the markets.  I went for a walk in the market the other day and I compared prices of commodities on the Liberian market to The Gambia, and I discovered that commodity prices are higher in Liberia than The Gambia.
For example, a pair of good jeans costs US$20. 00 in Monrovia, while in The Gambia, it costs US$5. 00.
I’ve always heard people say that “Experience is the best teacher,” and certainly today I believe this adage given my experience in Monrovia.
On this note, I would like to give my special thanks to Mr. Saye Taayor Dolo and his wonderful wife Mrs. Fannie Dolo, for the opportunity they gave me to come to Liberia, where I experienced a lot of good things. 
They really made me feel at home; therefore, I’m praying to God Almighty to shower his bountiful blessings upon them and make them live happily for the rest of their lives. 
Special thanks also go to the entire management of North Star Enterprise for their support during my stay, and I would like to tell them to keep up the good job well done.



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