"Liberia's sick, corruption is the illness"
Archbishop Lewis Jerome Zeigler
Archbishop Lewis Jerome Zeigler

The Catholic Archbishop of Monrovia, Lewis Jerome Zeigler, says corruption remains the major foe to nation building in Liberia.
He firmly affirmed that that corruption is rooted in character of all Liberians – a menace which, according to him, is hindering the progress of the nation.
Delivering his New Year’s message, the Catholic Cleric asserted that Liberia is sick and corruption is the illness.
“Our society is sick and seriously sick,” he asserted.
Archbishop Zeigler said it appears that the country has been swallowed up by greed and selfishness.

He, meanwhile, called on Liberians to fight corruption from within, stressing that the war on corruption is a fight against Liberians themselves.

The head of the Catholic Archdiocese of Monrovia warned that the war on corruption could only be won by defeating individual greed.


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