Liberians are betrayed, but remain courageous

Liberians, meaning ordinary Liberians, are one of the most courageous people in the world. This testimony was made by Westerners, also, who were here during and after the world. Liberians are among those people who were blessed with messiahs. In fact, Liberia, being one of Africa’s oldest republics, was used by colonized African nations’ champions for liberation.
Although, Liberia was not officially colonized, the aborigines needed equal participation all aspects of the affairs of their country. So, Liberians were fighting two at two fronts; namely, the fight for the inclusion in decision making of Liberia by all Liberians and the fight against colonialism in Africa.
But like the title state, Liberians are a very courageous. They never easily or never despair at all, in spite of disadvantages and all forms of disrespect against them. But this does not mean Liberians don’t know the measure of their courage and all sacrifices for their country to move on with tranquility and peaceful co-existence.
But unfortunately, the others see differently and took and continue to take Liberians kindness for weakness. The so-called Congos and Americo-Liberians used Native Liberians for 135 under dynastic rule. The reason for behaving extremely differently toward the natives by the Congos and the Americo-Liberians depends on whom one asked. But the general perception or perspective is that they acted in revenge, because, according to the Congos and the Americo-Liberians, their forefathers were taken into slavery through the instrumentality of the natives.
But like the titled states, Native Liberians, now known as ordinary or simple Liberians lived on through the thick and thin, until their so-called messiahs arrived—who later became the replica of the dynasty or even worse —as manifested in present day’s realities in Liberia.
The messiahs arrived one after another with message of hope and redemption. For ordinary Liberians, they felt a bit okay with the treatment they were receiving from the so-called Congos and Americo-Liberians. In fact, by then the aggressors have changed hands in favor of humanity and brotherhood and one African identity. Only the messiahs fret over the introduction of multi-party rule, though they were using the people’s interest, vulnerability and gullibility as a springboard to get to where they were through a coupe d’état, that failed miserably ending in a miserable war that led them to where they are today sitting in poor judgment of the victims.
The million dollars question conscious Liberians are asking without an answer because the progressives are where they wanted to be. In government to enrich themselves, too, like the old order whom they criticized.
This part of the article is a repeat and was written by the same author. The first part of the article is somewhat related to the repeat.

G. Baccus Matthews, Marcus Dahn, D. Kahn Karloh, Oscar Quiah, Chea Cheapo, and etcetera are in Town. Their big political brothers: Togba-Nah Tipoteh, Amos sawyer, Boima Fanbulleh, Dew Mason, Commany Wesseh and etcetera are trying to finish the battle Fanbulleh Sr., Albert Porte, D. Tweh, and others left unfinished. The merger is the beginning of sorrow. PAL-Progressive Alliance of Liberia is born unto MOJA-Movement for Justice in Africa.
The two movements have a blind bomb ready to explode. The results of the explosion for yesterday, today, and tomorrow are volatile. The sky and the earth are mute. The month of April is here and the sky and earth are still mute. There are no signs and signals. April is not talking either. At the Merry-go-round Market is a chaos. At the waterside market is more chaos. In the slum of Gurley Street is a small pink color building near the BTC Military Barracks out of which battle cry echoes to New Kru Town, West Point, Center Street, and Logan Town.
April is not talking except it is about to say good-bye to dry season. It is close to half way-a day before. She is a sweet month that brings the balmy and gentle wind from the Atlantic Ocean before good-bye and welcome to rainy season. Her favorite day is Saturday, which does not seem to be happy. It is obvious why the sky and earth do not make Saturday dazzling. Behind Saturday is a hidden red. Behind the hidden red is a timed bomb. It sums up with weather without rain and shine. That is why lovely Saturday is not assumedly happy.
When April speaks, she speaks in the middle of “Red Saturday.” PAL and PPP members and supporters are gathering at the little pink headquarters. Red berets task force from the Capitol Hill surrounds them.  Soldiers from the barracks are sneaking out-maybe out of curiosity. Monrovia is tense right now.  Government law house stands on top of all. The president is nervous.  Tension is fermenting and growing in all progressive bases.
Behind this all is a well-planned demonstration to demand reduction in rice price and perhaps intimidate the government or pressure it to lose its grips on power.  West Point group has arrived and is marching toward Downtown Monrovia. New Kru Town (Gibraltar) group sends the message to Duala, Logan Town, Jamaica Road, Terminal Island, and other progressive areas.
Market women are leaving market earlier as PPP flyers and words of mouth announce the city will soon be under siege.  ELBS relays the message from the law house that the president is not happy with current security situation. “Mr. President must resign-no more monkey work baboon draw,” reverberates across the city.  Lebanese and Indian stores cannot stand the tension and the losses that are coming along. Red berets task force is patrolling and does not seem too friendly.  The progressives have gone underground as their men storm business districts and other soft target areas on rampage against government’s order.
An old man in the remote area of Liberia sees a stereo set first time in his life. He wonders what is happening. Never before has he seen a big sound system leaves the city to the village for less than half of a price.   However, the story begins to reveal itself.  People from PPP and PAL are carrying out a big demonstration in Monrovia. Several people are injured when police tried to disperse demonstrators. Soldiers from the barracks are taking side with demonstrators.
The demonstrators broke into Lebanese and Indian stores in a looting spree. Foreign soldiers arrived today, supposedly from neighboring Guinea to help Mr. President. The country has completely changed.  PPP and PAL bosses are rooted from their hiding places and thrown into jail.  In the cause of the people, the struggle continues or in the cause of the people, the trouble continues.
April 14 has come and gone leaving bitter scars and unforgettable images in national and individual life.  The nightmare, first in the country’s history continues to hunt once a peaceful nation and people. The haven in Africa, yea Africa’s only hope of political stability and icon of civility is on the verge of a failed state. Opposition members headed by Hon. G. Baccus Matthews are in custody. Speculations are the order of the day, whilst uncertainty forms a dark cloud over the country. Mr. President has ordered the execution of political prisoners before he travels to an unknown destination.  Soldiers from the barracks are attending secret political meetings.
“Mr. President must resign, Mr. President must resign,” is the big talk in town. “No more monkey work baboon draw,” echoes everywhere. The fateful year 1979 vanished in a thin air and without a trace. Thank goodness, this ugly month has left. She brought us nothing but sorrow and division. She puts us against one another, oh goodness, bye forever, Miss “79” for you are so malicious and please do not return. Not even in our dream. 
The reality of an imminent civil war is far from being over. The year “79” has gone in disgrace or perhaps in shamelessness, but her daughter remains to finish the unfinished business. That is April. That bastard daughter of her becomes the granddaughter of the year “80” whose hands are crammed with blood. She comes with a hatred harbored for hundred years. Her eyes are red like a fire chunk and drunk with blood like a vampire. She has transformed herself into seventeen bloodthirsty soldiers.
Oh, “Miss 80” you have come in our land and we welcome you with open hands but we see deceit written on your face. We see a long and a double-edged sword hidden under your garment. What have we done to you? Moreover, on your forehead is written all the tribes of our land.  On your forehead also, we see arrows representing the tribes and these arrows point from one tribe to another. We have no clues what these signs mean, though we remember your granddaughter April, who was 14 years old and brought blood to our land. Now she is not growing older but rather growing younger by turning 12 again. 
She turns 12 on Saturday Morning at about 5a.m. Liberian time. Her exact surfacing time remains a mystery up to date. She might have come into everyone’s view at 6a.m.
The National Anthem plays from ELBS, the landowner’s mouthpiece. People are about to begin their normal routine. The early morning national anthem troubles everyone because it never plays at this hour before.
The atmosphere abruptly changed. Birds remain in their nests and tree branches are calmed. Wind ceases and apprehension swallows up every community. People retreat to their homes and go close to their radios for ELBS. At the finish of the anthem comes a wavering and unfamiliar voice:
Fellow citizens, this is Master Sergeant Samuel Kanyan Doe of the People’s Redemption Council. The Government of Liberia has been overthrown for rampant corruption and misuse of public offices. A dusk to dawn curfew is hereby imposed. “In the Cause of the, People, the Struggle continues.” Thomas G. Quinwonkpa, Commanding General of the Armed Forces of Liberia, Thomas Weh-Sen, Vice Head of State, and J. Nicholas Podier, speaker, flanked the Master Sergeant.
In the background are Hon. G. Baccus Mathews, chairman, Progressive Alliance of Liberia (PAL) and proposed Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Oscar Jiah Quiah, secretary general, PAL/PPP, Chea Cheapo, member, PAL/PPP, D. Kahn Karloh, Coordinator, PAL/PPP, and Marcus Dahn, Assistant Secretary, PAL/PPP.
The motto: In the Cause of the People the Struggle Continues was troubling. So political analysts predicted the struggle would continue to the point it would become “In the Cause of the People the Trouble Continues.” Yea the trouble continued to 2003 and the progressives disappeared.
Know where you are coming from to know where you are going. Know your past but do not live it. Use your past mistakes to correct and shape your future.




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