Experts arrive to burn Ebola bodies
Information Minister Lewis G. Brown
Information Minister Lewis G. Brown

Information Minister Lewis G. Brown has announced that government is now set to cremate all bodies of dead Ebola victims – a practice he said will continue until Ebola is eradicated from Liberia.
Min. Brown disclosed that there is currently a team of experts in the country to carry out the cremation of bodies.
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in her last nationwide address on the state of Ebola urged the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and relevant agencies to consider cremation as a means of avoiding tampering with Ebola infected bodies and avoiding the contamination of water sources.
However, Assistant Minister of Health for Preventive Services, Mr. Tolbert Nyenswah, told a media gathering at the Ministry of Information that there was no need for cremation, especially so that it is not a part of Liberian culture.
He said it is not scientific proven that burying in the soil cause the contamination of water source and noted that it is the best way to inter bodies.
Ebola infected corpses were buried by the Ministry of Health in isolated areas which are not made known to the bereaved families. The burial of Ebola victims by the ministry had often met strong resistance by members of the bereaved families. This prompted the assigning of police to various health facilities in order to enable health workers carryout their jobs smoothly.
However, the Government of Liberia in its quest to eradicate the viral disease from Liberia has resolved to cremate all dead Ebola victims so as to avoid reoccurrence of the epidemic.
Many Liberians have through the media called on the government to consider designating a protected site for the burying of all dead Ebola victims instead of burying them in ‘secret areas’ or cremating the bodies.

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