These are times to ask "What can I do for my country?"

It is often said that when two elephants fight, the grass suffers. In the wake of the outbreak of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease which has overstretched the health system, there seem three elephants fighting – Ebola, government and the health workers.

Definitely, we the citizens, especially Ebola victims will suffer double jeopardy.
Health workers in the country have threatened to strike during this critical time in demand of their pay and benefits from the government.

This, we must not allow to happen, especially at this time when the hope of the nation depends on their services.
On this note, the INSIGHT calls on the government of Liberia to recognize the level of work being done by health workers as they fight the Ebola virus and should for that reason, negotiate reasonably with the health workers to ensure that the matter is amicably resolved.

In the same regard, the INSIGHT calls on the health workers to play the role national heroes at this critical moment in our nation’s history.

These times call for true patriotism from all Liberians, irrespective of our social, political or religious status.
These are the times when we have to rather ask “What can I do for my country?” These are the times for us to join hands as a nation without putting before us what we stand to benefit as individual citizens, rather what we stand to benefit as a nation. These are the times when every little service, offer or donation is more than enough to make a little difference.

The INSIGHT will like to remind the nation’s health workers that these are not ordinary times but rather a time when their services can be considered a priceless resource.

The INSIGHT believes that posterity will judge them should they carry out a strike action during at this time. Though the circumstance may be different, but it was in similar times when the Late Nelson Mandela stood for the people of South Africa, even in the midst of severe oppression and incarceration. Today, he’s hailed all over the world.

We call on health workers throughout the country to selflessly render their services not for the sake of the Government of Liberia, but for the sake their fellow citizens, brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, and their children. Such benevolence of service will forever live in our hearts as Liberians.

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