We must all help to eradicate denial amidst Ebola

The INSIGHT witnessed with dismay members of the Bomi County Ebola burial team being booed at by some locals in the county who were of the belief that healthcare workers were intentionally killing their friends and relatives for financial gains.

Since the outbreak of the virus in Liberia some six months ago, denial and disbelief have remained a major impediment to the fight against the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD).

There have been reports of some communities in and out of the capital hiding sick persons in their houses and administering their own healthcare to their detriment and to the detriment of the community at large.
Despite the imposition of a night time curfew which begins at 11:00 pm, there are also reports that in some quarters, people still bath and prepare dead bodies for secret burial.
All these practices undermine the government and its international partners to eradicate the virus.

It is on this note that, while the INSIGHT calls on government and its partners to step up its awareness campaign through various methodologies, the INSIGHT also appeals to all enlightened citizens to take it upon themselves to educate their fellow citizens about the Ebola Virus Disease.

Teaching on Ebola must take a community and religious-based approach. The resounding of the “Ebola is real” message seem not be solving the problem.
The INSIGHT believes that if a Jehovah Witness approach is adopted in communities, districts and counties to teach the locals about EVD, there will be some tremendous gains made towards the fight.

The INSIGHT also believes that if religious leaders will also dedicate a portion of their worship time to teach their followers about the EVD, the fight will be won.
The INSIGHT calls on all enlightened citizens to make it as part of our patriotic effort to help eradicate denial in the midst of the fight. Until this is done, the eradicating Ebola will remain a fleeting ambition to be pursued.  

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