We hope to see new improvements in health delivery

The INSIGHT commends the Government for making a priority hazard pay and death benefits for all health workers. This we believe settles the long standing conflict between health workers and government during this Ebola crisis.

Yesterday, Finance and Economic Planning Minister designate, Mr. Amara Konneh announced that supervisors at Ebola Treatment Units (ETU) will receive US$850 monthly above the regular pay, doctors will receive US$825, ETU managers and general practitioners in the ETUs will get US$450. Nurses, laboratory technicians and all those who fall within the same grade will receive US$435 as hazard pay.

Case investigators, social workers and ambulance drivers will receive US$350 above their regular pay and allowances. Hygienists and logisticians working in health care facilities will get US$300.
Drivers, contact tracers and security will receive US$250 as hazard pay and data officers will be paid US$75 above their regular salary.

Min. Konneh also announced that medical doctors who are not working in ETUs will also benefit US$350 monthly as hazard pay. Pharmacists, intern doctors, physician assistants, nurses, midwives, technicians, mental health clinicians, practical nurses, laboratory technicians, environment health technicians and social workers who are not dealing with Ebola related cases or ETUs will all receive US$300 as hazard pay for the next six months while non-clinicians will receive US$75 a month.

Min. Konneh: “We managed to program some of the US$52 million we received from the World Bank two weeks ago to pay for some of this. The total cost of hazard pay to government and we want to go for six months is going to cost US$30 million.”

Min. Konneh also disclosed that death benefits for all health workers will be a flat rate of US$5,000 to be given to families of fallen health workers. He noted that families of all health workers who died of Ebola will receive the death benefit while payment of the hazard benefit will take effect the end of September.

We believe this is a giant step in the fight against Ebola. We believe with this kind of boost, health workers will return to their various hospitals and clinics to render health services to all those seeking health care, whether Ebola related or not.

We also hope that this boost will encourage healthcare workers to commit themselves to professionalism that will reflect a positive image of the healthcare delivery system.


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