Freedom of religion must prevail

Liberians have expressed strong desire to amend some aspects of the Constitution which they believe are no longer applicable to our present day Liberia.

It is widely agreed that the Constitution must mirror the fundamental changes on Liberia’s social, political and economic landscape, and reflect present-day realities.

During the consultation by the Constitution Review Committee (CRC) several views including a special court be established to hear only election matters; traditional people should own the land of their ancestry; the land should not be government land; that dual currency should be abolished; and the Liberian dollar should be the only legal tender; there shall be no dual citizenship; and that women should have equal access to economic, social and political opportunities.

Still others are: that people of non-Negro race should not become citizens; that a male and female who find themselves in prolonged co-habitation should enjoy marital rights, with the common law marriage being recognized as one of three types of marriages, in addition to statutory and customary marriage; that Liberia should be a Christian nation, amongst others.

The suggestions put forward by participants of the review process are all worth taking into consideration.

However, we at the INSIGHT are opposed to making the nation a Christian nation.

We see this as an element of division rather than one that would bring us together as one people under one nation.

Rather than creating religious segregation, it would be prudent if we could foster religious harmonization.

Christians and their counterparts in other faiths like Islam and Traditionalism have over the years shared common reverence much to the peace of the country.

The last thing we should countenance in Liberia is a religious disharmony between two great religions which have lived with each other for centuries in a beautiful cultural mix.

We at the INSIGHT implore the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia to move in swiftly and amicably find a common ground where the nation can be opened to all religions, thereby, igniting freedom of religion as inscribed in our sacred Constitution.

We can sustain the prevailing wind of religious peace prevailing across the country when breaches as in the case of freedom of religion are avoided.

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