The story of little Bernice Wulah a Fanti Town girl
Bright Bernice Wulah left in purple photo by Anthony Rogers-BRYF
Bright Bernice Wulah left in purple photo by Anthony Rogers-BRYF

Little Bernice lives in a Fantis fishery town in Marshall one of Liberia’s oldest residential cities located in Margibi County. The five years old has a huge dream growing up in such an impoverished town where there are little or no opportunities for kids.
Bernice is a Kingdom garden student at the Good Hope Baptist Academy Elementary School in Marshall City. She and over 100 kids are getting education in the Baptist School being run in an unfinished building.
She wants to become a medical doctor or a professional nurse when she finishes school. But how could such a dream be realized in a town that is unprivileged with basic social services.
Fanti town as it is well-known in Margibi is a town made of misshapes structure mainly occupied by the Ghanaian ethnic group, the fantis and few Liberians mainly the kwa speaking group. The fantis are wildly known for their fishery activities. The town is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean where the Farmington River and the Du-river dump into the ocean.
Being on record as one of the oldest cities in the republic, Marshall Territory is still languishing behind in very sense of development since it merged with Gibi to form Margibi County. Though blessed to have the Liberia Maritime Authority stationed there, Marshall still do not have a recognize hospital, school etc.
The city currently has three schools, a Baptist- run elementary school and a Methodist and Government operated junior high schools. Students who live in the city have to migrate into Harbel, Firestone or come to Monrovia to complete Senior High education.
With all these challenges, one could wonder how little Bernice could ever become a doctor. But the future started flashing on the kid few months back, when she begged Anthony Rogers, a  man also grown up in the town but has migrated to Monrovia for green pastures to take a photo graph of she and her  friends, Erica Willie and Kyesha Fatorma. Anthony, an executive of the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation consented and took the picture.
The passionate young man posted the photo on the webpage of the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation www.billrogersyouthfoundation.or seeking for help for the lad who had told him of her desire of going to school and becoming a medical doctor, but achieving his dream could be difficult had it just been left with her parents.
The Bill Rogers Youth Foundation established to create opportunity for the less fortunate, took her plight to its facebook and webpage and she was recognized by Ambassador Dion Osagie, a Nigerian who have got great record of helping children. Amb. Osagie chose Bernice among the three girls posted and made some quick donation to aid the kid with her school.

Making the donation to the kid Wednesday in Marshall, the Country Representative of the Foundation in Liberia D. Emmett N. Potter said the RRYF was pleased to make the donation to the kid.
He said the Founder of the group; Bill Rogers was moved by the condition of kids in Liberia and therefore established the organization to cater to their needs.
“The main aim of the group is to spot youths who are in desperate needs and expose them to the world for assistance. Our Founder Bill Rogers is doing so to help young people to get opportunity, just how he was favored to have gone to the United States. Bill Rogers attended the Len Miller Salvation Army High School and was spotted during a hunger run in Monrovia and taken to the states”.
‘He was with us during the war; he grew up right here in Marshall and has decided to look back and help others children”. Mr. Potter said.
Mr. Potter also added that over 25 young people have received help through BYRF and said they were also instrumental during the Ebola situation in Liberia.
Mr. Francis Wulah, father of Bernice was overwhelmed with joy, and used the occasion to praise Ambassador Dion Osagie and the Bill Rogers Foundation for identifying with his daughter.
“The news of my daughter receiving help from America has come like a dream to me. This is something I never thought off, I didn’t even know her picture have gone so far, to Ambassador Dion and the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation I say thank You, this should not only be my daughter like others Liberian children benefit also,” Mr. Wulah added.
Bernice herself thanked Ambassador Dion for the gesture and said she will study her notes to archive her dream. Her Friends Erica Willie and Kyesha Fatorma who are still praying to be recognized for assistant also thanked Ambassador Dion for the assistance to their colleague.
The items presented by the Foundation included Bernice School fees, book bag, shoes, use clothes, copy books among others.
The foundation was established by a Liberian runner Bill Rogers. He was born in Marshall, Margibi, Liberia. He competed in the 1500 metres dash in the IAAF World Youth Championships in Athletics in Debrecen, Hungary in July, 2001. He is a graduate of El Paso Community College in El Paso, Texas and of Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.
He currently holds the Liberian national record for the 1500 m. He ran a 4:01.56 for the Liberian record in Cotonou, Benin on 27 June 2004. In 2010 Bill formed the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation, benefiting and empowering the youth of Liberia.

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