Man murder another for L$30

A young man, James Kollie, has been remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison for allegedly murdering another young man; Junior Mulbah.
Defendant Kollie and victim Mulbah had visited a play station booth where they were gambling and began to bet each other.  According to eyewitness Anthony Davies, Victim Mulbah placed L$60 as a bet while Defendant Kollie place L$30 before game was played.  "James won the bet and decided to take all the money. Junior told him to take only L$30 from his money because that was the matched bet," Witness Davies said.

While in the process the defendant and the victim began to argue and then entered into a fist fight but were separated.
"James started complaining that junior bit his finger and he still wanted to fight. I told him to forget it.  James left and we remained in the booth.  But I saw James was coming with the knife and I told Junior to run away, but he (Mulbah) said James couldn’t do anything to him," Witness Davies said.
Witness Davies said he tried to stop the defendant but the defendant attempted stabbing him, therefore  he gave him way and the defendant stabbed the victim twice before running away.  The murder happened on May 24, 2015 it the Tarr Town Community in Old Road and the defendant was arrested the following day.  The defendant told the police that while they were doing group bet. Victim Junior asked for a side bet which he matched.

"When I won the bet, I decided to give Junior L$20 but he said that I should give another L$20 and I said no. While talking, Junior started taking off his belt from his trousers to fight," Defendant Kollie said. 
He said that while they were fighting the victim bit his finger before people came and separate them.  "Junior went on the other side, broke a bottle and came to fight me with it. I went and collected a knife that was lying beside Baby-fee house.  I came straight to Junior and jump on him and stabbed him several times," Defendant Kollie said. 
Having stabbed the victim, Defendant Kollie left him bleeding and went home.  The victim was pronounced dead on arrival at the John F. Kennedy Hospital.

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