Chief of Staff boasts of the new AFL
C.I.C Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and AFL CS General Daniel Zainkahn
C.I.C Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and AFL CS General Daniel Zainkahn

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces General Daniel Zainkahn has described training received by the present Armed Forces of Liberia as the best ever in the world.

Speaking on a local radio talk show Wednesday, June 10, 2015 General Zainkahn said  the military received one of the best training in the world and those that trained them were the best the world ever produced.

The AFL Chief of Staff said there will be some missteps along the way but that should not be used to degrade the entire Armed Forces of Liberia.

He said while it is true that all is not roses, the bad ones among them will be dealt with according to the law of the country and the military.

Speaking on the issue of UNMIL drawdown, the General said the drawdown of the peacekeepers should be the concern of all Liberians and just the AFL.

He said there information has been that UNMIL will leave one day and the AFL had been preparing for the drawdown of UNMIL and ready to takeover, but needs encouragement and support from the Liberian people.

The AFL which strength that is still in the neighborhood of 2000, General Zainkahn said the army is doing great work and should be praised for what they have done and doing in the country

He frowned on Liberians who questioned the President for putting out the AFL during the emergency period within the Ebola crisis, especially those who said that the Ebola was a invisible enemy and need not soldiers with guns in the streets.  

General Zainkahn also said why is it that similar question was never posed to the US Military but were rather embraced by the Liberian people.

On the issue of the West Point incident in which little shakie Kamara was killed, the ALF General said he agreed that there were some mistakes made during the Ebola crisis but people should not only look at the death of little Kamara as the worse ever done by the newly Armed Forces of Liberia.

“Is it the only thing the people saw? There were other violations that took place during the Ebola crisis.
The West Point situation was somehow sad but people note that we did some good things in the fight against Ebola. All the good things we are doing no one is saying anything or thanking us but only concern about the West Point issue,” he said.

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