LCL holds awareness on malaria prevention

The Lutheran Church in Liberia Director for Malaria Program said Liberia is struggling to prevent the disease due to the failure of many Liberians to practice its preventive measures.

Dr. Morris Y. Harris said Liberians know how to stop malaria, but have refused to follow the preventive measures and as a result, fighting the disease has been a huge challenge for the Country.

Speaking at the weekend during a one day-awareness on malaria prevention in Bonnard Farm, Paynesville, the LCL Director of Malaria Program, said malaria remains one of the deadliest diseases trapping the world and called all Liberians to follow the preventive measures.
He pointed out the use of the   mosquitos’ nets and clean environment as the surest ways of stopping malaria.

“Liberians knows how to prevent malaria, but because we don’t want to do what we supposed to do, we will keep getting sick,” he declared,” he declared.
“ People don’t want to sleep under the nets
because they say it is hot, but it is much safer to sleep under the net in the heat than to sleep in the open where mosquitos will bite you and you will come down with the disease,” Dr. Harris added.

He warned against the mismanagement of mosquito nets which he said is creating serious embarrassment for the health sector.
“People should stop misusing the mosquitos net. Some of you are using the net for “safo”, some are using it for fishing purpose, and every street corner you pass in this country people are selling the nets, this is wrong you must stop that”, he warned.

On the use of the net, Dr. Harris stated “If you got a new net, please hang it under a shade  so that breeze can blow it before you hang it in your room, when breeze blow the net, it reducing the quantity of the chemical that is in it. Hang your net at 5 pm, because the female mosquitos enter the house about that time and it is lethal,” Dr. Harris added.

For her part, the Regional Supervisor of the LCL Malaria Program, Sue Larmouth praised residents of the Bonnard Farm community for their support to the program.

She said the program brought a number of changes in the communities.
At the same time some community dwellers who spoke to the Insight praised the LCL Malaria Program for educating them on the prevention of the killer disease.

“Today, I learned a lot of the prevention measures of malaria and I will start to follow the procedures and be able to educate my friends on malaria prevention”, said Massa Daffay, a grade 6 student at the Raising Christ School of Excellent at the FDA junction.

For Karun Yei Konah, the superintendent of the Omega Old Field Market, the awareness  program thought them new measures. She  promised to educate her fellow marketers not to sell mosquitos and to make sure to clean their environments at all times.

“We are grateful to the Lutheran Church for such gesture. Our people will now be concerned about their environment and the use of the net from today,’ said Amos E. Kollie, FDA Community Block Chairman.

The awareness campaign which began with parade from the FDA Junction to the Omega Old Field Community where an indoor program was held brought together hundreds of community dwellers.

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