In Bassa, old folks beg for help
An elderly man leads his friend to the toilet
An elderly man leads his friend to the toilet

About 36 old folks as well as disable persons residing in an Old Folks Home in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, are appealing to prominent citizens of the county as well as national government for assistance.
A volunteer caretaker of the home, Madam Salome Summerville, told the Insight over the weekend that the folks are living under deplorable conditions.
She said some of the folks have been abandoned by their children and relatives for years and only depend on her and Alex Gongar, another volunteer caretaker for food, clothing,water among others.
“It is not easy here on us, the old folks are really suffering. Some of their relatives and children have abandoned them, as a result we, the caretakers have to wash their clothes, buy soap on our own so that they can bath, and do other things,” Madam Summmerville told Insight when the United Youth for Peace, Education, Transparency and Development in Liberia (UYPETDL) dedicated a pit latrine at the home over the weekend.
Madam Summerville however thanked the Christian Community in Buchanan, which she said sometimes assists them with food and clothing.
She said Government officials are rarely found around them, unlike during electoral period during which the candidates visit the home with food and other suport.
“The only people who sometime help us with food are the churches, but our big, big people don’t come around here at all,” she said.
Madam Summerville herself an older woman believes to be in her late 60s said health care delivery is also a huge problem for them at the home.
“We don’t have clinic  here, when the people are sick, I have to go all around looking for medicines medicines,” Madam Summerville said as she led the way to an inner room in the home where a man about 75 years old lie on a cloth helplessly.
She praised UYPETDL for attending to one of their most desperate needs. “Toilet and water business has been hard for us here. Look at that old house in the bush there, these people use it to toilet, as you can see, they usually lead each other to toilet and they have to pass in these grasses, but thank God for WaterAid and UYPETDL for building this toilet and hand pump  for us, a least it will help us greatly,” she concluded.
The old folks reside in a 10 bed -rooms’ house reportedly constructed in the 90s by an international NGO.
It is no clear where the social arm of the Ministry Gender, Children Protection and Social Welfare has record on the home, as effort to reach them did not materialize.

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