Profile of player: Myer G. Yoemah

Profile of player: Myer G. Yoemah Liberia's sensational attacking Midfielder, Myer G. Yoemah inspires other young players to reach big league dreams. His career start line does not mirror Kelvin Sebwe from the Field of Dreams but its close.

 Once a highly regarded prospect with a seemingly bright future in the soccer arena, Myer Yoemah captained Liberia's National Under 15 team that participated in the Pepsi Academy Tournament in Lagos, Nigeria and won the Most Valuable Player title in 2005.

That one achievement might seem insignificant in the Liberia Football history, but to the now 19 year-old Yoemah ,it represents the fuel and the passion behind his current football endeavor. Yoemah participated in the National County Sports Meet with Rivercess County and won the MVP title and subsequently won the tournament in 2006/2007. In 2007,Yoemah had a major boost to his career,transfered from 3rd Division with Eleven Talented Masters to premiership side Roots FC. I had one major adavantage,call to the senior Lone Star by former German Coach Antione Hague.There should have many more because of my capabilities but my playing career didn't develop as expected, Yoemah said. That is,what feeds my commitment and devotion to playing soccer not just reaching the tops,but having a long impactful football career. Raised in Du Port road,Yoemah excelled in football.It was a childhood ,Vision FC that instilled a football discipline in Yoemah that he is applying today. In the Liberia National League,Mighty Barrolle current Coach,Ben Saydee told Yoemah he could reach thebtops if he solely concentrated on football.Yoemah heeded the advice, and he was quickly signed by Barrack Young Controllers II but did not play a single game due to breakdo2n in personal terms with the club. Yoemah quickly move on to Nimba United and was regarded as a mainstay in central midfield. The sensational Offensive Midfielder later moved to Ganta Black Star before going on tryout with Mighty Barrolle. Yoemah play as a offensive midfielder but because of his endurance he sometimes play the defensive role in central midfield. Yoemah's playing career has now landed him in South Korea where he had netted 3 goals in 3 matches and is expected to seal a deal in the next few weeks. When i first started playing football, I solely worked with old aged players but i found that they were too far along in their career to make significant difference. So I shifted to primarily working training with young players like myself which provides ample time for me to implement fitness. Yoemah is determined in making a U-turn to the Senior Lone Star

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