Prioritize Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) -US based Liberian recommends to Weah's government
Mr. Edmund Zar-Zar   Bargblor
Mr. Edmund Zar-Zar Bargblor

A prominent Liberian based in the United States of America says Liberia’s education system needs to be rebuilt around vocational skills, agriculture economy of business, food production and exporting goods.


In a dispatched from the US Tuesday February 27, 2018 Mr. Edmund Z. Bargblor said the system should be redesigned to properly educate as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time.


The former Deputy Managing Director of the National Port Authority of Liberia, NPA, during the late President Samuel K. Doe regime said to achieve these objectives; a National Service-Peace-Corps program should be put in place.


He said the program should enable teachers go to all parts of Liberia.


“This program should provide teachers to all parts of Liberia and all students coming out of high schools would be sent into the interior to teach in elementary schools for one academic year as graduation requirement.


Students graduating from Cuttington University, the University of Liberia and other universities or colleges, must do two years of national service as teachers in all high schools located in the various counties and upon completion, they will receive their diplomas.”


Mr. Bargblor went on to say “Students from agricultural schools such as the University of Liberia’s Agriculture College and the Agriculture facility at Cuttington would help with seasonal planting and harvesting of food.


 “Like national service plans elsewhere, student participants would be paid a stipend to cover necessities such as room, board and transportation. During the junior year of both high school and university, students would receive instructions in teaching strategies and methods. In this endeavor, all students coming from overseas studies must perform one year of national service to be qualified for gainful employment in government or the private sector of the Liberian economy,” he added.


Quoting the United States former and late President, Thomas Jefferson, he said the late Jefferson was correct when he said in a letter to one of his friends in 1816: “Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like the evil spirits at the dawn of day.”


Mr. Bargblor said if the youths of Liberia want to have a happy future, they must be willing to make meaningful sacrifices in the services of the unfortunates.


He said the people of Liberia have paid a price for allowing ignorance of mind and spirit to dominate their national culture and they have suffered so much as a people and as a nation to again allow this enemy to dwell amongst them.


He wants the Ministry of Education to provide equal education opportunities to all of Liberia’s children.


“The success and durability of the Liberian democracy depends on the availability of an educated middle class. The greatest peril to stability in Liberia is illiteracy of Liberian youth. The 14 years of war have taught us the lesson of illiteracy. When seventy-five percent of a country’s population is uneducated and unskilled, it is not a laughing matter; it is a time bomb waiting to explode,” he emphasized.

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