Salvation Army School System Promotes Several students
The Academic Scholars along with their parents and some staff and Administrators
The Academic Scholars along with their parents and some staff and Administrators

On Friday, March 2,2018, several students of the William Booth Primary (WBPS)  received promotions ranging from K-II up to seventh grade.

The students, according to the principal of the school, Mr. James S. Tailey, exceptionally performed.

Therefore the administration of the school, based on the recommendations of the academic Committed, promoted them to the next class to continue their educational sojourn.

Mr. James S. Tailey also quoted the students’ hand book as saying “In the Salvation Army School System, for any student to gain mid-year promotion, he/she must satisfy the following:  A. must have a total semester average of 90% or above; B. must have an 80% in all subjects though students with a 75-79% in one period subject are also considered.”

Mr. Tailey also noted that the move is intended to encourage academic competition.


The Salvation Army William Booth Elementary Principal further lauded the Director of Education, Mr. David Siaffa Massaquoi and his team for being “far-sighted” in introducing such a unique program.


Mr. Tailey also praised the parents of the honorees for their support to the children. He added that without good parental care, those children could not have made such academic gain


In a related development the vice principal for Administration and Instruction Mr. Samuel B. Diggs challenged other school administrators to follow the good examples of the Salvation Army Liberia Command School system in improving the educational sector of Liberia.

According to Mr. Diggs the program was a motivational one.


He said it also seeks to encourage students who are not doing well in their lessons to follow the foot steps of the other students who got promoted.

He noted that the Salvation Army school System is one of the best amongst the rest in the Republic of Liberia.

According to him, the system always put out great men and women who are now contributing to the upward movement of Liberia in all sectors.

The Vice Principal for Administration and Instruction used the occasion to challenge all Parents to pay more attention to the education of their children.

 At the same the time, the acting PTA Chairman Morris Gibson praised the administration for the high academic standard put into place at the school.


Mr. Gibson called on other parents to support the administration of the William Booth Primary school for the betterment of their children.


He lauded all the teachers for the sacrificial jobs they are doing to mold the minds of the younger generation.

Those academic scholars who dux the school for the first semester are as follow: Aaron Kullie from KII to grade one; Nathan Prophet Jr, Edwina Harris, Samuel Williams and Facia sickie promoted from 2nd grade to 3rd grade.


 Teta Caesar, J.Gblehbo Brown, Marina Konneh, Janet Marwolo and Melvina Brooks promoted from 3rd grade to 4th grade.


 Prince Gibson and Haja Koumane promoted from 4th grade to 5th grade. Viola Koiyan and Kassorlyn Koiwu were promoted from 5th to 6th grade.

Eddie W. Brooks, Kwiah S. Williams, Sonnie Y. Suah and Blessed Goah promoted from 6th grade to 7th grade all with GPA of 90% and above.

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