Bong County relying on one ambulance -As CHT struggle to fight strange disease, others
Acting County Health Officer of Bong  Alpanso Kofa
Acting County Health Officer of Bong Alpanso Kofa

The Acting Bong County Health Officer, Alpanso Kofa has disclosed that the absence of more ambulances is impeding the fight against curable diseases and other illnesses in the county thus leading to the premature loss of lives.

Mr. Kofa also disclosed on Tuesday that 200 people are now infected with a skin disease that has sparked wide spread health concern in the country, confirming that the disease is scabies.

 Mr. Kofa said four out of the fiveambulances used to transport patients, most specifically, pregnant women and those in need of emergency medical attention at various health facilities in the county have all broken down.

He said that some of the ambulances have been down for over six months.He also noted that there is likelihood that the county may lose ground in the fight against curable diseases in the county.


He said, “The lives of our mothers and children are in danger, and they are at risks because they cannot walk far distances while pregnant or carrying young children to seek medical attention. The one ambulance that we have working cannot serve the entire Bong County.  

 Meanwhile, officials of the county health team and the Ministry of Health have named the recent strange disease that engulfed the county as scabies.

Scabies is an itchy and highly contagious skin disease caused by an infestation by the itch mite known scientifically as Sarcoptes scabies.

200 cases have so far been reported from six of the nine health districts in the county.  

 Mr. Kofa told this paper Tuesday that the national reference laboratory tested 42 cases out of which 17 were confirmed to be Scabies.

Kofa says the 17 cases that were previously reported in the County have been treated using Benyzl Benzoate lotion with support from World Health Organization (WHO) with a 100% cure rate, adding that “Scabies is preventable and treatable” and there was “No need to Panic, Take preventive measures”.

 Kofa says the county health team has collaborated with other partners in the county to do surveillance in the entire county with more emphasis on those health districts, have initiated active case search with Zonal Surveillance Officers and Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) especially in Bong.

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