Farmington Hotel Management risks Legislative Contempt
Margibi County electoral District # 2 Representative, Ivar K. Jones
Margibi County electoral District # 2 Representative, Ivar K. Jones

The Management of the Farmington Hotel in Margibi County may be charged with Legislative contempt for its failing to honor the citation of the August Body.

The House of Representatives summoned the Management of the Hotel to appear yesterday before its full Plenary during the body’s regular plenary session to respond to allegation of bad labor practices levied against it.

But the Management, instead wrote a formal communication to members of the House, requesting for extension of the time for its appearance on grounds that the Manager of the Hotel is currently out of the Country.


 When the communication was read by the House’s clerk, it was realized that the Hotel management failed to affix a signature (s) to the communication seeking for extension of the time for its appearance.

Against this backdrop, the lawmakers resolved that the action on the party of the Management of the Farmington Hotel was a gross disrespect to them.

Subsequently, a motion proffered by Lofa County Representative, Clearance Massaquoi, which was endorsed by Plenary called for the entire management of the Hotel along with its Lawyer to appear on Tuesday to “show cause,” why they should not be held in contempt by the House. 

The action of the Lower House to summon the Hotel Management was necessitated by a communication to the August Body by Margibi County electoral District # 2 Representative, Ivar K. Jones.

In his communication Lawmaker Jones indicated that, in an impromptu meeting held with over 50 workers of the Hotel on February 23, 2018, the employees complained the management of the Hotel treats them like modern-day slaves by subjecting them to eat left over food, insults and assaults them while on duties among others charges.

The Margibi County Legislator further told members of the August Body through his communication that the local employees at the same time alleged that the management  of Farmington Hotel is infringing on their rights to association and forbids them to establish a workers association or union through which their welfare can be addressed with the Hotel’s Management.

The Management has not so far commented on the lawmaker’s commiunication to the House Plenary.

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