'Time Bomb'.......Imam Council describes granting of Citizenship to non-negroes

As the debate over the quest by the Weah led government to grant citizenship to non-negroes and the legislation of dual citizenship, the National Imam Council of Liberia has described the move as a "time bomb".

Speaking over the weekend at programs marking the 23rd anniversary and 4th Annual of Assembly of the Imam Council of Liberia, Imam Ali Krayee , National Chief Imam, noted that granting of dual citizenship is a fair proposition.

Imam Ali Krayee: “But, what makes us believe that because the current generation is largely not prepared today to develop the land bequeathed us by our fathers and grandfathers that the next generation will also be unable to do so tomorrow?”

“The practical implication of having non-negro citizens is obvious. Those from other continents who are far more advanced intellectually and economically will eventually take over the main cities and towns while the poorly prepared indigenes of the sixteen ethnic groups retreat to the slums and the countryside,” Imam Krayee said.

He went on to say that the passage of such legislation will bring about a new class system in Liberia with city dwellers comprised mainly non-negro people and country folks of indigenous background would automatically be established.

Imam Ali Krayee: “This would only be a time bomb because in the future, our grand and great grandchildren may have to resort to the formation of the Liberian version of groups such as the Mou Mou Society in a repeat of the continent's ugly history. However, if we, of course minus my vote, decide to accept this gamble, I would humbly suggest that a provision be made in the constitution prohibiting anyone from these sixteen tribes from having children in Liberia."

According to him, in this way, the current generation of helpless people and gamblers will die out, leaving no trace, adding “In our view this would be far more preferable to the effectual condemnation of generations unborn to slavery and deprivation in the land of their fathers. As for dual citizenship, it simply means dual loyalty ".

The National Chief Iman at the same time registered that Muslims continue to be left out in national leadership, especially presidential appointments in government.

He added that President George M. Weah recently named two Christians as religious advisors to him, noting “As we speak, only a tiny fraction of Muslim nominees has so far been announced. We look forward to better recognition ".

Imam Krayee did not hesitate to call on Muslims of Liberia to take responsibility for the development of Islam and the Ummah in the country.

Anything out of this, he said Liberian Muslims will achieve nothing.

Imam Krayee however, intoned that there is a need to standardize the administration and operations of the National Imam Council.

“We must resolve to work in strategic partnership with every Muslim group, including the National Muslim Council, Muslim Women organizations, Muslim professionals, elders, students and youth groups across the country to look onwards and work toward redeeming ourselves from our current state of slumber and self-neglect," he noted.

Rev. Emmanuel Bowier, former Information Minister who served as a Guest Speaker, told the Imam Council that Islam was in existence in Liberia over 100 years before the coming of Christianity.

According to Rev. Bowier, the current occupants of Liberia are all strangers, as such; no particular religion or group of people owns the country.

Also Speaking, the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General, Farid Zarif, urged the Muslims leaders not to discriminate, rather engage in a more holistic advocacy.

The program was characterized by honoring of personalities for their positive contributions to the Islamic community.

Those honored include, Representative Haja Fata Siryon of Bomi County; Representative Ben A. Fofana of Margibi; and Rev. Emmanuel Bowier.

Others were Former Deputy Managing Director, Liberia Electricity Corporation, Alhaji Abraham Fumbah Sherif, and Alhaji Abdulmuttalib Ibn Attoh, Former Director General, Civil Aviation Authority among others.

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