In Nimba Electoral Dispute: PYJ 'Takes Side’'
Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson
Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson

Amidst continued electoral dispute in Nimba County District #4 since the 2017 presidential and legislative elections, Senator Prince Y. Johnson, alias, “PYJ” has expressed strong support for one of the two conflicting parties.

The electoral conflict is betweenDistrict #4 incumbent Representative, Garrison Yealu, who contested the October 10 Representative elections on the ticket of the People’s Unification Party (PUP), and Gunpue Kargon of Senator Johnson’s Movement for Democratic Reconstruction (MDR).

Senator Johnson who is widely believed to be the “Godfather” of Nimba County has been consistently accused by Rep. Yealu of masterminding the electoral conflict in Nimba County District 4.


In response to said allegation on Tuesday, the MDR Political Leader (Sen. Johnson) reiterated that Rep. Yealu has been defeated at the 2017 polls and that he will never returned to the Capitol as a Lawmaker of Nimba County District 4.

Rep. Yealu is said to be one of the lead campaigners in the expulsion of Senator Johnson from his first political party, the National Union for Democracy Party (NUDP) in 2013. NUDP was founded by Senator Johnson.

The Senator publically declared that he will make sure that all those who campaigned against him in Nimba County will not return to the Capitol as Lawmakers.

Rep. Yealu was one of those elected on the tickets of the NUDP in the 2011 elections.

In his response to the allegation on the ‘Truth Breakfasts Show’ Tuesday, Sen. Johnson referred to Rep. Yealu as a former Representative of District # 4 Nimba County.

Since the 2017, none of those who contested for the District seat in the legislature has been certificated by the National Elections Commission (NEC). The case is still before the Supreme Court of Liberia for its redress.

“Good morning Hon. Garrison Yealu, former Representative of District # 4, Nimba County,” Sen. Johnson said when he was asked by the Talk Show Host to response to Yealu’s allegation against him relative to the raging electoral dispute.

 Senator PYJ: “Garrison is a good man, he’s our son. I love him and he is a citizen of our county .We are prepared under His Excellency President George Weah Government to find a place where he belongs; For the House of Representatives, he is out for good.”

Sen. Johnson continued: “He has been voted out and he is just struggling, we really pity his condition. He has the right to seek legal redress, but we are available as Political Leader to help each and every citizen of our county. He is a Goodman, a lawyer by profession; let him stop castigating my name all over the place.” 

The controversial, flamboyant and charismatic Senator of Nimba added that he is prepared to give Rep. Yealue a position in the current government, urging him to stop spending his money on a case that “he will not win.”

PYJ: “He has been defeated. I am ready to give him a position. I think this young man has acquired a lot of money over the past six years, I think he should keep the money for his family. He is not going to win.”

 “NEC declared Gunpee the winner, Yealu took an appeal to the NEC Headquarters, but he was defeated. He took another appeal to the Supreme Court, he was again defeated and the National Elections Commission finally declared Gunpee the winner. He took another appeal to the Supreme Court, he is using his money,” Sen. Johnson emphasized.

Rep. Yealu who filed another appeal to the Supreme Court last week after the recount of the votes has accused   the hearing officer of NEC, Cllr. John Wonsehleah, of being a relative of Sen. Johnson who he said, has vowed that he (Yealu) will never returned to the Capitol as a Lawmaker of Nimba County District 4.

 According to NEC final representative election result from Electoral District #4 in Nimba County, among 19 representative candidates, Kargon got 6,320 of the total votes, representing 24.3% over the incumbent Harrison Yealu, who got 6,153 also of the total votes cast, representing 23.8% . However, the incumbent lawmaker Yealue has termed the poll results as fraudulent and challenged the credibility of the results  before the National Election Commission (NEC) and the Supreme Court of Liberia. 

 Lawmaker Yealue, in his first complaint, argued that as per NEC’s design, there were four polling centers in Precinct #33019 but on the day of voting, there were ballot boxes for only three voting places in an orderly fashion until at about 4:30 p.m when one of the representative candidates, Rufus Zarlee, disrupted the entire process on ground that one of the polling boxes that was for the fourth center was not brought to the center.

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