American-Based Liberian Shoulders Reconciliation among Kinsmen
 Rep. Bahway praises Madam Gaewo
Rep. Bahway praises Madam Gaewo

An American-based Liberian has led a reconciliatory drive among Citizens of Gyabo Community from Grand Kru County.

In recognition of her tireless effort in reconciling Gyabo people,  Madam Elizabeth  Gedi  Garwo, a daughter of Gyabo Community in Grand Kru was honored  by scores of citizens.

Gowning  and certificating    Madam Garwo Friday at a program held in the Battery Factory Community, outside Monrovia,   Grand Kru County  District #1  Representative,   Nathaniel  Bahway,    described   Madam Garwo   as a true unifier  who has been working  to unite  the people  of Gyabo  since 1974 .

According  to him,  the honoree   has been committed  in ensuring  the   upholding  of   peace,  unity  and development   of   the  citizens  of Gyabo  .

 Speaking at  the reunion  ceremony  of  the Gyabo  Community, Representative   Bahway     indicated  that  Madam Garwo efforts in uniting the people    has  contributed  positively   to the   development   of   the Gyabo .

He used the occasion to express gratitude to Madam Garwo   for coming to the aid of her people over the years.

The Grand Kru County Lawmaker  reveled  that   Madam Garwo  did  not  relent  in assisting  her people   when she was opportune  to  travel    to  the United States   of America  but  was able  to remember   the constraints  of her kinsmen.

For her   part,   Madam   Elizabeth  Gedi  Garwo   appreciated  the  people  of Gyabo  for  recognizing  her  humanitarian  contributions  to  the  development  of their district.

According  to her,  working  for the  unity  of  their  town  is far dated  in 70s  when some misunderstanding  erupted  amongst  the citizens.

“As a result of the conflict, I was able to call the chiefs  and other   citizens  from Gyabo   and hosted   the ceremony    for  a reconciliation in Plebo  Maryland County. I was opportune  to travel    to  the United States of America  based  on the request  of my husband.”

She further narrated  that  her  return to Liberia allowed her  to complete   the reconciliation  process  of  the Gyabo  people both  in Grand Kru and Motserrado  Counties.

Madam  Garwo  also disclosed  that  she  has constructed a hospital  for the people  of Gyabo  and turned it over  to   the Liberian Government  to address  the medical needs  of  her kinsmen.

Additionally, she said her  humanitarian  development effort  has no political intention. She indicated that  the  welfare  of  her people  is her interest and not for political benefit .

“I am old now. What I am doing is not for political position,   those who are young and willing to seek for political positions, we will support them,”   she indicated.

She, however, vowed to providing support to the citizens in their development drive.

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