'Division Virus' Hits Nimba ...As Benedict Domah, Others Want County Split into Three
Dorr Cooper, Nimba County Superintendent
Dorr Cooper, Nimba County Superintendent

The INSIGHT has gathered that some citizens from Nimba County are calling for the division of the County into three parts, with each part becoming a separate county.

The latest proposal by the citizens has generated debate among Nimbaians in the County with one group vehemently opposing to said suggestion while another group is in full support of it.

Speaking in interview with our regional correspondent, Mr. Benedict Domah, a prominent son of Nimba said, when the County is split into three separate counties, there will be more jobs for young people in the county who are graduating from Colleges and Universities as well as other learning institutions.

According to Mr. Domah, if the County is divided into there would be three separate County Superintendents, three Development Superintendents, three County Inspectors and three County Education Officers and other local officials.

According to other reports, after the end of the 2005 elections which brought former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to state power, Mr. Dorr Cooper, now Superintendent of Nimba County, and others strongly advocated for the division of County.

Mr. Domah disclosed that it is only during election period that Nimba County can be great for politicians, but after election, the County including citizens from the County is “left in the cold” as regards appointments and other opportunities in government.

According to Mr. Domah, the votes- rich County of Nimba only has one cabinet minister position in the George Weah led Government of Liberia while other Counties have many cabinet ministers.

He said it is only during election period the County has value but after that, the County becomes zero in terms of political appointments.

Our Correspondent said most of the people who are in support of the division of Nimba County are from Tappita, Lower Nimba, and other parts of the County.

Some of them told our Correspondent that their decision to support the division of Nimba County is based on the “bad treatments” they continue to receive from the Nimba County administration and the national government including some of their lawmakers.

Samuel Dahn, a resident of Nimba County District number 6 said, the continuous bad treatments they receive from the county authority and central government is one of the key reasons for their support for the division of the county.

“My brother, since I was born, I have not seen anything they call car in this place. We do not have access to mobile phone network to even call our families, we are in total darkness,” he told the INSIGHT.

“Our Children travel long distances before having access to education while our Women and Children also cover long distances before having access to health facilities,” Mr. Dahn stressed.

A father of four Children, Alfred Johnson, from Buutuo, near the Liberia-Ivorian border said, they only get news from neighboring countries such as Ivory Coast but when things happen in their own Country, Liberia, it will take two to three months before someone can tell them about such a happening in Liberia.

Some of the citizens who are calling for the division of Nimba said Nimba County receives US$1.5Million from Mittal Steel on a yearly basis, but they (citizens) are not in the know as to what Nimba County officials are doing with said money.

Other citizens in Nimba who spoke with our correspondent said Nimba County has already been practically divided as the Ganta-Tappita road has been cutoff as a result of the current raining season , leading to the increment of the prices of basic commodities in the area.

The INSIGHT also gathered from reliable sources that some of those who are in support of the division of Nimba County including Daniel Belleh and Martrol Gontee among others are planning to petition the House of Representatives shortly while others who are opposed to the division of Nimba County had earlier wrote the House of Representatives that they do not want Nimba County to be divided.

According to report, few days ago, those who are not in support of the division of Nimba County petitioned Nimba County  Senator, Thomas Grupee, urging him not to allow the House to pass said draft bill whenever said bill is officially submitted to the Legislature.

The citizens quoted Senator Thomas Grupee as saying that he is with them and that he will not allow Nimba County to be divided.

‘’I was elected by one County call Nimba and I will never support said decision”, the citizens quoted Senator Grupee as saying.

The citizens who referred to Senator Grupee as “The best Lawmaker from the County” said they will continue to support him.

The INSIGHT also gathered that some citizens of the County had earlier petitioned Representative Samuel G.Korga of Nimba County District number 5 to introduce their bill for Nimba County to be divided. Rep. Korga could not be immediately reached for comment on the issue.

Some of the aggrieved citizens also alleged that one of Nimba County Lawmakers usually collects money on-behalf of the County during electioneering era but they (citizens) are not benefiting from such money. They said when the county is divided, there will be more development programs in Nimba and that such alleged behavior on the part of the Lawmaker will be stopped.

Also speaking to reporters Nimba County District number one Representative, Jeremiah Koung, said he is not in support of the decision to divide Nimba County.

According to Rep. Kounng, “the decision of those who want Nimba County to be divided will not go anywhere.”

Nimba County, according to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,   is commonly known as “Heroic Land” (The Home of Conqueror).

Nimba County, established in 1964, has 17 Districts.

Nimba Countyis a countyin the northeastern Liberiathat shares borders with the Republic of Côte d'Ivoirein the East and the Republic of Guineain the Northeast. Its capitol city is Sanniquellieand its most populous city is Ganta. With the county's area measuring 11,551 square kilometres (4,460 sq mi), Nimba is the largest of Liberia's 15 counties. The county has 6 statutory districts and as of the 2008 Census, it had a population of 462,026, making it the second most populous county in Liberia.

Named after Neinbaa Tohn Mountain, the tallest mountain in Liberia, Nimba is also bordered by Bongand Grand Bassacounties to the west, Rivercess Countyto the southwest, and Grand Gedeh Countyto the southeast. The northern and northeastern parts of Nimba borders the nation of Guinea, while the northeast lies along the border of Côte d'Ivoire.

Nimba County is one of fifteen counties of Liberia. During William V.S. Tubman's administration (1944–1971), the region now called Nimba County was one of three of Liberia's Provinces: Western Province, Eastern Province and Central Province. In the sixties, Tubman changed these provinces into counties. Central Province became what is known as Nimba County.

Before the Civil War of Liberia in 1989, it had a population of over 310,000 people.

The current County Superintendent, D. Dorr Coopper, who is the chief administrative officer, was appointed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in 2017.

National legislatures

The County has two senators and nine members of representatives at the Legislative Branch of Government. The two senators currently serving the citizens of Nimba County are Prince Yormie Johnsonand Thomas Semandahn Grupee.

Administrative Districts

There 17 Administrative Districts in Nimba County include (population):

Electoral Districts

There 9 electoral districts in Nimba County following the 2008 National Census:

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