Criminals Raid Clinic in Ganta...Flee With Pharmaceutical Drugs
Mr.N.Jerry Klee, Administrator of the Power House Clinic in Ganta
Mr.N.Jerry Klee, Administrator of the Power House Clinic in Ganta

Some unidentified criminals have raided the Power House Clinic in Ganta, Nimba County, and made away with several quantities of pharmaceutical drugs.

According to Mr. N. Jerry Klee, Administrator of the Power House Clinic, the criminals broke into the clinic on Monday night.

He said they entered the place where the drugs were being kept through one of the windows of the clinic. Mr. Klee disclosed that the criminals damaged the window by using some sharp instruments.

Mr. Klee further disclosed to the INSIGHT that the Monday incident marks the second time the Power House Clinic in Ganta has been raided by marauding criminals.

He puts the estimated cost of the drugs which have been taken away by the criminals at US$1,150.

When the INSIGHT on Monday contacted the Ganta Police Headquarters for comment, the police said, they have not received any formal complaint from the Power House Clinic on the matter.

So far, nobody has been arrested in connection to the incident, the INSIGHT understands.

The Power House Clinic was established in 2003 as a drugstore. It is reputed as one of the leading clinics in Ganta, Nimba County.

The Clinic regularly receives patients not only within Ganta, but also nearby Towns and Villages. It also receives patients regularly from the neighboring State of Guinea for medical treatment.

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