Thinker Village Resident Arrested with Marijuana

The Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency, (LDEA) Bong County Detachment, has arrested a 21-year old man with twenty (20) Kilograms of Marijuana. The street value of the marijuana is placed at over L$1, 500.

 Ezekiel Brown, a resident of Thinker Village in Monrovia, was arrested at the Immigration Check Point, otherwise known as “Iron Gate Point” in Gbarnga while he was returning to Monrovia to market the drugs, according to LDEA.

Some sources told the INSIGHT that Ezekiel Brown has been allegedly involved with drugs dealing for the past few years.

The twenty kilogram of marijuana is currently in the possession of the DEA in Gbarnga, Bong County.


 Suspect Brown is also being held at the DEA Office in the county. He is  expected to be charged today for prosecution as requires by the laws of the country.

Speaking in an interview with the INSIGHT at the DEA Office in Gbarnga, Bong County, suspect Ezekial Brown said he was asked by an unidentified woman from Thinker Villager in Monrovia to come to Bella town in Bong County to buy the Marijuana. He said the drugs were purchased from an unidentified man.

 According to Suspect Brown, the unidentified woman based in Monrovia gave him three thousand Liberian Dollars to purchase the drugs from the unidentified man.

“I paid two thousand Liberian Dollars to the Man for the 20 kg Marijuana and the balance one thousand Dollars was used as transportation to return to Monrovia,” he said.

He said, when they reached the Immigration Check Point, the DEA agents at check point checked in the bag that was in the commercial taxi. He said the bag belongs to him. It was at this stage that I was arrested, he said.

The drugs suspect is however pleading with the DEA to have mercy on him on grounds that he was fooled by the unidentified woman. 

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