Lofa Lawmaker Begs Citizens for Pardon...For 'Wrongdoing'
Representative , Julie F. Wiah
Representative , Julie F. Wiah

Lofa County District Two Representative, in the Legislature,  Julie Fatorma Wiah on Sunday, September 2, 2018, pleaded with citizens of her district to forgive her for whatever wrong she may have done to anyone during and after the 2017 presidential and legislative elections in the country.

Rep. spoke during the first peace and reconciliation meeting of Lofa citizens held in Monrovia.

The meeting, held at the T Bund Theater in Carpetville, Banjor, Lower Virginia, outside Monrovia was attended by hundreds of citizens, lawmakers of Lofa and other stakeholders including council of elders, youth groups, opinion leaders of the Mende and Vai ethnic groups, students among others.

Speaking at the occasion, Rep. Julie F. Wiah told the citizens that elections are over and that it is time for them to work together for the genuine reconciliation, peace and development in the district in particularly  and Lofa County as a whole.

Rep. Wiah apologized to whoever she made have offended during the 2017 electoral campaign process and in the performance of her official legislative duties.

“I say sorry to whoever I may have wronged and I am pleading that you grant me forgiveness,” she emphasized.


“Today , I want to let you know that it is time to put our district first, Vahum District in Lofa has been described as an empty district, erase that notion and let us work in peace and unity to move it forward with development,” she emphasized.

“Now is the time to reconcile, the elections are over. We have said plenty bad things against each other, but I have come to you to say sorry and I am willing to take the blame,” Rep. Wiah further pleaded with the citizens of Lofa.

‘’If we all want Vahum to be developed, ‘I need you all to work with me, if you refuse, we are not going to move forward, you and I can make this district a good place to live in peace and harmony and for progress,” she emphasized.

Meanwhile, Representative Wiah gave L$100,000 to the people of Vahum .



“I challenge you to take the lead in peace, with open heart and mind and see if Vahum will not be developed,” she concluded.



For his part, the Mende Governor, James Monseray, who spoke on behalf of the elders cautioned the citizens of Vahum to live in peace and reconciliation.

“I want you to live in peace and unity, if we are divided, we cannot move forward, unity brings development and let us work together and bring Vahum up,” the Governor added. 

Lofa county Senator Fumba Kanneh, who attended the event, called on the citizens of Vahum to be united to move the District forward on a progressive course.

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