For Young People In Nimba County: Businessman Builds Vocational School

A local businessman in Ganta, Nimba County, has begun the construction of a 15-classroom vocational school in Buu-Yao, District #5, Nimba County, for citizens of the district and Nimbaians in general.

The institution is named: “Buu-Yao Education Foundation (BYEF).

Mr. Dahn A. Harris, in an INSIGHT Interview recently puts the cost of the project at US$70,000.00.

According to him, the project, when completed, will help to bring much-needed educational relief to hundreds of young people in Ganta and its environs.

Mr. Harris, Commonly known as “Dahn Youwhy” said his reason for constructing the school edifice is to help create a bright future for young people in Nimba County.

He said, when completed, the school will provide vocational skills for young people in the areas of  driving, soap-making, head-dressing, tailoring, arts and culture, building construction, among others.

Mr. Harrison also disclosed to our Nimba county Correspondent that his initiative has no political motive and that it is based purely on humanitarian grounds.

Mr.Dahn Allison Harris explained that for too long, the young people in Nimba County District number 5 had no access to any vocational training opportunity.


He said the educational empowerment of young people is essential for the growth and development of the country.

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