Cuttington's Suspended President Reinstated But....
Dr. Browne CU President
Dr. Browne CU President

Cuttington University President, Dr. Hermon Browne, says he is pleased for the overwhelming welcome from Staff and Students of the University, despite some faculty members expressing bitterness over his reinstatement as President of the University by the Board of Trustees of the institution.

In May of this year, Cuttington University Faculty Association (CUFA) called on the Board of Trustees of the University to ensure an independent investigation and audit of the tenure of the then suspended President, Dr. Hermon Browne, which, according to the Association, witnessed  “massive decline” in the institution’s activities in Bong County.

Based on said protest by members of the association, Dr. Browne was suspended as President and subsequently replaced by Father John Tamba, as Acting President.

 The Leadership of Dr. Browne at the time faced several demonstrations and go- slow actions by students and members of the Faculty which many believe, led to poor attendance of students for academic 2018-2019.

The situation which lasted for several days drew the attention of the Liberian government and the University Board of Trustees.

 But, the President of Cuttington University Faculty Association, Lepolu Torlon described the committee constituted by the Board of Trustees of the University to investigate the matter at the University as a ‘bogus committee’.

The Association insists that the committee lacks fortitude and independence to effectively investigate and ensure a transparent evaluation of the tenure of Dr. Browne at the University.

Mr. Torlon said the committee comprised some individuals including Dr. Benoni Urey, Stephen Allen and others who it claims are Special Confidants of Dr. Browne.

CUFA President alleged that the committee constituted by the Board of Trustees has not been functioning in the best interest of Cuttington University, but has been working hard to protect Dr. Browne interest.

But after thorough investigation, the University Board, headed by Episcopal Church Bishop, Jonathan B.B Heart, has finally reinstated Dr. Hermon Browne as President of Cuttington University.

Speaking in an interview with the INSIGHT, on Thursday, September 6, 2018, in Gbarnga, Bong County, Dr. Hermon Browne stated that “it is very unfortunate” for some faulty members of the University to speculate that they do not support the decision taken by CU Board of Trustees to reinstate him.


Dr. Browne added that he is yet to receive any formal communication from those faculty members who said they will not return to class until he resigns his position.

He, at the same time, used the occasion to appeal to the Faculty members to sit on the table to discuss issues affecting the University.


He, however, added they will handle Faculty members who will refuse to return to classes in the soonest possible time.

The Cuttington University President at the same time said he is not panic about some CUFA members who threatening to stay away from the classroom.

He revealed that all is set for reopening of the University on Monday, September 10, 2018.

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