Boy, 17, 'Commits Suicide'

Latest report reaching the INSIGHT indicates that a 17-year old boy, identified as Philip Sumo, has allegedly committed suicide in Laviayeah Town, in electoral District#2, Bong County.

The lifeless body of the boy was discovered Monday Morning, September 17, 2018, hanging in his bed room in the Town with rope on his neck. It is believed that Sumo may have used the rope to kill himself.

The death of Philip Sumo has again generated sorrows among citizens and residents of Laviayeah Town in Jorquelleh electoral Districts#2 in Bong County. It is not officially established as to why Sumo may have killed himself.

However, some eyewitnesses who spoke in an interview with our Bong County Correspondent in the Laviayeah Town on Monday explained that victim Sumo, prior to his death, took away an amount of Eight Thousand, Five Hundred Liberian Dollars from his mother, (name not given).

The money was said to have been owned by his mother’s sister, (name also not given).

Eyewitnesses further told the INSIGHT that Sumo’s mother requested him to refund the amount because it belongs to her sister. According to the eyewitnesses, prior to his death, Sumo agreed to refund said money to his mother.

Some of the eyewitnesses are of the view that Sumo may have committed suicide because of the money.

  According to the INSIGHT Correspondent, the Crime Services Division (CSD) of the Liberia National Police Bong County Detachment has investigated circumstances leading to the death of Philip Sumo in the Community.

 After the LNP counterchecked information surrounding the death of the boy, a 15-man Jury was set up by the Police to physically examine the body.

After the physical examination by the 15-man jury, it was reported that there was no foul play associated with the death of Philip Sumo, but a rope was found on his neck tied to the roof or ceiling of his room.

 It was detected that Philip Sumo may have used the rope to have killed himself.

 The Town Chief of Laviayeah and elder brother of the late Sumo, George Sumo, has expressed shock and disappointment over’s the boy’s alleged action.

Meanwhile, the Liberian National Police Bong County Detachment has ordered the bereaved family members to bury the corpse of Philip Sumo.

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