Lawmaker 'Dishes Out' L$2M to Nimba Students ...Empowers women for food production
Representative Samuel G.Kogar
Representative Samuel G.Kogar

Nimba County District Number Five Representative in the Lower House of the Legislature, Samuel G. Kogar, has constructed a modern police station in Butuu City, Nimba.

 He said the construction of the station is aimed at enhancing the operations of the Liberia National Police (LNP) including promotion of the rule of law, public safety and peace.

Rep. Kogar also disclosed to the INSIGHT that he has donated two-million Liberian dollars to college students and youth groups in Nimba District Five.

He told the INSIGHT Nimba County Correspondent recently that the donation of the L$2M is in fulfillment of part of his campaign promises made to Nimbaians during the 2017 presidential and legislative elections.

Rep. Kogar indicated that during the campaign era in 2017, he assured Nimba electorate that he would have, among others, provided said amount for development purposes in the county if the people were to have him reelected for a second six-year term as a lawmaker.

Rep. Kogar narrated to the INSIGHT that with his reelection by the people of Nimba, he will continue to serve the best interest of Nimbaians for the development and progress of the county in particular and Liberia in general.

Our Nimba County Correspondent said prior to the donation of two Million Liberian dollars to college and university students and youth groups in the county, Rep. Kogar provided agriculture materials to women groups in over 15 towns in Nimba District Five.

He encouraged the women beneficiaries to embark upon self-help development initiatives in their respective towns.

Emmanuel Dahn, a commercial motorcyclist described Rep. Kogar as a ‘people-center’ Lawmaker in the district for his multiple development initiatives.

Several women in the district also lauded Rep. Kogar for giving them the necessary empowerment to undertake self-help agricultural projects.

According to Madam Esther Duo, Rep. Kogar is also undertaking construction of market halls in several parts of the district.

She recalled that in the past, the people of the district were not able to benefit from such development initiatives.


Our Nimba County correspondent said Nimba County District Five was badly affected during the Liberian civil war that broke out in December 1989 and ended in August 2003.

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