Gbarnga-Mendekoma Road Phase One To Include Voinjama - Kollie
Flashback: A damaged Road.
Flashback: A damaged Road.

Labor Minister Moses Kollie has disclosed that plans have been finalized by the government of President George Weah to extend Phase 1 of the Gbarnga-Mendekoma road project to  Voinjama City, Lofa County.

According to the state-owned Liberia News Agency, the first phase of the road project was initially planned to stop in  Salayea, Lofa County as arranged by the government of ex-President  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Speaking on a local radio station in Voinjama City at the weekend, Minister Kollie disclosed that the road project which is to begin in October will be completed before the end of the remaining years of President George Weah’s first term.

He said the Gbarnga-Mendekoma road project is among several development projects earmarked by the Liberian leader to be completed within four years.

Meanwhile, Minister Kollie has called on Lofians not to join any group or individuals to carry on any demonstration that has the propensity to undermine peace and stability in the country, but rather sit and monitor while investigation continues in the currency matter.

Minister Kollie also called for another County Sitting for 2018-2019, noting that the recent 2018-2019 County sitting was not done properly.

He pointed out that the manner in which delegates from various districts in Lofa County and appointments were made among members of the Project Management Committee (PMC), were among several key issues that led to the refusal of representatives from the various districts  to sign the resolution on the County Development Fund (CDF).

Minister Kollie, who also once served as Lofa County Legislative Caucus Chairman, recommended that a re-convening be organized where every district will be satisfied with the distribution and disbursements of the CDF.

According to LINA, the disclosure made by Minister Kollie in Voinjama over the weekend has brought smiles to Lofians who called in during the Talk Show to commend him for the information.

They said the road reaching Voinjama City is a boost to agriculture and commercial activities, thereby promoting development in the county.

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