Bong's Ex & Current Supts. At Loggerheads
Superintendent Walker
Superintendent Walker

Bong County’s former Superintendent, Madam Selena Polson Mappy, has expressed disappointment with the current administration of the county, headed by Superintendent Esther Yamah Walker.

Ex-Superintendent Polson Mappy accused the current Superintendent of the County of continuously discrediting her development achievements in the County.

According to former Superintendent Mappy, Superintendent Walker has on several occasions discredited her and maintained that she can no longer remain silent on the issue.

The former Bong County Superintendent made specific reference to the current plan to bring electricity to Gbarnga and the placement of chip ceilings on major streets in Gbarnga City.

Madam Mappy has reminded Superintendent Esther Walker that these projects including the construction of the Kpatawee Hydro Plant were planned and started during her administration as Superintendent of the County.

Madam Mappy however told the INSIGHT that she has no problem with Superintendent Esther N. Walker. Madam Mappy indicated that she wants Madam Walker’s administration to succeed for the betterment of the county and its people.

Former Superintendent Mappy believes what Superintendent Esther Walker has started will not do any good for the county.


Mappy Maintained that her administration and the 53rd Legislative Caucus of Bong County worked tirelessly for the many development projects in the county.

Madam Mappy said when she took over as Superintendent of Bong County, there were lot of debts the county owed but she, at the time, did not complain but paid the debts for the development of the county.

Madam Mappy cautioned Superintendent Esther Walker to stop complaining and work hard for the development of Bong instead of “taking glory” for development projects initiated by the past administration of the county.

When contacted by our Bong County Correspondent, Superintendent Esther Walker stated that Ex-superintendent Mappy’s statement is a “gossip.” Superintendent Walker added that she does not have the time to respond to such gossip.

According to the Bong County Superintendent, she is currently thinking on how to improve the living conditions of the citizens and not to speak on “unnecessary things.”

The problem (conflict) between the Bong County former and current Superintendents, according to some political observers in Bong County, began during the October, 2017 presidential and legislative elections.


Former Superintendent Mappy is an Executive of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) while Superintendent Walker is an Executive of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

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