'Disappearance' of L$16 Billion Angers Liberia's Children
Speaker Doetein
Speaker Doetein

Liberian National Children’s Representative Forum has expressed disappointed over what it calls the “mysterious disappearance” of L$16 Billion in the country.

Speaking in an interview with the INSIFGHT this week in Gbarnga, Bong County, the Speaker of the Forum,Jutomue Doetein, said the mysterious disappearance of such public funds is negatively affecting the future of Liberia’s children.


“ If the money is not found, this means other countries which have been helping the children and Liberia as a whole will not take us serious,” he stressed.


According to Speaker Doetein, in the face of the raging economic hardship in Liberia, most children in Liberia are increasingly finding it difficult go to school for lack of tuition.


“We have come to know that majority of the Liberian children are finding it difficult to realize their full potentials. We want to inform the government and people of Liberia that the vast majority of Liberian children are not in school this year, 2018. We have come to know also that the reason is due to the economic hardship many parents in Liberia continue to undergo which is affecting us the children of Liberia,” the Speaker stressed.

He indicated that this is not the first time for huge sums of money to leave Liberia under questionable circumstances, a situation that he said, continues to cause serious predicaments for the children of Liberia.

Speaker Doeteine made specific reference to the “massive looting” of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), under the regime of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. He regretted that up to date, there has been no account of the public funds from NOCAL.

The Children Forum however, recommended to the Government of President George Manneh Weah and his administration to carryout quick and thorough investigation of the alleged L$16 Billion which is said to be missing in the country.

“All those who are established to be connected to the reported illegal printing and disappearance of the L$16 Billion should never work in the Government. They must also be made to face justice for their alleged illegal actions against the Liberian nation,” the Speaker stressed.

”We the children of Liberia pray along with many advocacy organizations including the Right Holder’s Network of Liberia that the L$ 16 Billion that allegedly got missing is found so as to put smile onto the faces of Liberia’s Children and restore their hope,” Speaker Doetein said.

Meanwhile, the Liberian Children Representative speaker has appealed to school administrators nationwide to give parents more time in the payment of tuitions for their school-going children.



He said the current state of the Liberian economy is not too favorable for most Liberians, especially parents who are unemployed but are sending their children to school for better future.

“As a representation of children in Liberia, we are also appealing to all children to buttress the efforts of their parents by studying and making the best grades,” he concluded.

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