(LYFT Africa) Hosts 'Career Day' Program for High School Graduates

Choosing a career has become a difficult task for many Liberian students to the extent that some graduates enter tertiary institutions without knowing which professional career to pursue.

However, in an effort to prepare students graduating from high school to make an informed decision as to what profession to study in in college or university, the Leading Youth to Foster Transformation in Africa (LYFTAfrica) in Paynesville, outside Monrovia, on Thursday, September 27, 2018, organized a ‘Career Day’ program.


The event was held at the Monrovia Vocational Training Center (MVTC) on Somalia Drive. The event attracted several professionals from diverse backgrounds. They included journalists, barristers (legal practitioners), engineers, criminal justice system, fire service, the medical profession and the arts industry.


These professionals lectured students about the importance of choosing careers that will benefit the nation and their families.


On youth empowerment, Cadet program director at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Samuel Mappy,  told the cross-section of the students that they should have love and  Passion for their professional careers they have chosen and be able to serve  serve humanity and help shape the society for the better.

He urged the students to love and respect the career before going on to make their decision.

Speaking on Developing Career, Deputy Minister for Secondary Education at the Ministry of Education, Madam Felecia Doe- Somah encouraged the students to take their Education very serious, because its life time career.

 According to her, Education paves the way for a brighter Future and leads one into several other professions.


“Education is the key to success and it leads you to becoming Doctor, Lawyer, Minister, Accountant, teller, Politician and even President,” she noted.


Making mention of Vice President, Chief, Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor, Health Minister

Dr. Willemena Jallah and Representative Munah Pelham Youngblood as examples to the students especially girls.


  She said while in her teenage, she developed the passion to focus her attention on education, which has her where she is today. This was because anything without Education was worthless to her.

She then cautioned the students, especially the female pupils to take their lessons seriously and desist from getting involved in early sexual activities.


She explained that to become a Minister, female lawyer, doctor, and Representative, a student must take their education as first priority in their Life and with a very good academic focus.


For his part, former Gbarpolu County District #2 Representative, Prince EG. Tormatie lectured the students about the importance of Education and political Sojourn, he explained among other things how he became a politician.


He said based on his smartness as a child who was always concerned with being a leader, he studied hard and scoring high marks in school.


He added that the students should have love for Education, and that paves the way to any career of their choice.

The former Gbarpolu County District #2 Lawmaker Tormatie called on the students to choose a professional career with Love and Passion which best suits them.

He then thanked the Leading Youth TO Foster Transformation in Africa (Africa ) for Conducting such career day program and pledged his  Support for LYFTAfrica.


He also urged the Government to set-up and developed more career day programs for students.


LYFT Africa’s Executive Director, Sunnie Antonio Marcar, commended the Ministry of Youth & Sports and the Ministry of Education for their support to LYFTAfrica to host such program for Liberian youth.


He also commended the professionals who shed knowledge and experiences with the students.


 He said such meaningful, educational experiences will stimulate and motivate the students to choose a profession before leaving the walls of high school.


Antonio Marcar , then called on Government to create youth Empowerment program and to support LYFT Africa in fostering the transformation of youth in Africa, most especially Liberia to become the Future leaders tomorrow. 


Meanwhile, Students at yesterday’s program were drawn from William V.S. Tubman High School, G. W. Gibson, E. Jonathan Goodgridge, D. Tweh High School, Soltiamon Christian High School, Paynesville Central Academy, Liberia Dujar, Royal Christian Foundation , Jimmy Jolocon High School, JJ Roberts United Methodist High School , the O”nance INTERNATIONAL Christian School, University of Liberia , the Stella Marie AMONG OTHERS.


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