In Nimba County 'Society Men' Attack Church ...Flog Pastor on the pulpil
Pastor Ericson Deamie Gborplay.
Pastor Ericson Deamie Gborplay.

Police in Karnplay, Nimba County, have arrested several members of a group, believed to be a “Secret Society”, in Nimba County District # 4.

Our Nimba County Correspondent said the men allegedly attacked the Assembly of God Church in Beo-Troplay Town on Saturday while the Church Pastor was holding meeting with members of his Church.


Upon entering the Church, the INSIGHT gathered that the men demanded the Pastor out of the Church but the Church members resisted.

The Pastor was rescued on that same Saturday from the men by the Church members and other concerned residents of the town.

But, on Sunday, while Pastor Ericson Deamie Gborplay was delivering his Sunday Sermon in the at the new branch of his Church, located in Gbelalay Town, near the Liberia-Ivorian border, about seven men from the alleged secret society stormed the Church attacked him.

 Our Correspondent said it is not clear as to why the Pastor was attacked by the men.

  The Pastor explained that the men flogged him unmercifully while he was in church, and that one of his teeth has been seriously affected.

The Pastor denied that he is a member of the alleged secret society and had done something to the group.

 “I am not a member of any society and will never be a member of any society,” the Pastor further told the INSIGHT.

The Pastor however, recalled that in 2002, he became sick and one of his friends (not named) took him to the society people to treat him.

The Pastor said the society group that his friend took him to failed to give him proper treatment at the time.


According to Pastor Ericson Deamie Gborplay, it was God that saved his life and that is why he is following God today.

The Pastor did not say whether or not he compensated the group that his friend took him to for treatment at the time he was sick.

The Pastor however, accused one Jeremiah Mamadu, as the man on whose alleged order the men attacked him.

Some members of the Pastor’s Church who begged for anonymity for security said the men were wrong to attack the Pastor in the Church. They should have waited for him outside and politely confront him rather than attacking him in the Church,” one of the Church member said.


Meanwhile, police in Karnplay have arrested the alleged ringleader of the men.

 Suspect Thomas Kartoe could not be reached by the ISIGHT for comment as he was said to be undergoing police investigation relative to the attack against the Pastor.

For his part, the Superintendent of the Assembly of God Church for Nimba County, Rev. N. Pehmie Freeman Sr., called on the County Administration Central government to help in minimizing frequent attacks against church members by others in the county.

Rev. Pehmie Freeman however thanked Nimba County Superintendent, David Dorr Cooper for his quick intervention on the matter.

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