In New Georgia: 'General' Wallace's Church Burned to Ashes ... With US$14, 000 &L$450,000 in It..

The Walking with God Ministry International, headed by well-known General Jensen Wallace, yesterday burned to ashes in the New Georgia Community, outside Monrovia.

The cause of the fire which broke out at about 1:20 P.M. yesterday has not been officially established.

Efforts by hundreds of community members and neighbors who rushed to the premises of the church to put off the blazing fire failed to materialize as the edifice was completely burned to ashes.

Speaking to the INSIGHT after the incident, the Church’s Founder and Senior Pastor, General Jensen Wallace said “It came as a surprise for me to see what my church members and I have suffered for over the years to be burned to dust.”  

“What I can say is that God Knows his reasons for him allowing this to happen,” General Wallace added.

He puts the cost of the damaged edifice which also contained a radio station at over US$500,000.


General Wallace further told the INSIGHT that US$14,000 and L$450,000 was being kept in the Church edifice prior to the fire outbreak yesterday. He did not say why such a huge sum of money was being kept in the church.

“Everything that was in my office had been completely damaged. As I speak, there is no life taken away as a result of the fire outbreak,” he emphasized.

Asked by the INSIGTH as it relates to the cause of the fire, General Wallace said: “For now, I cannot speak to it.”

The Founder of the Walking with God Ministry International however indicated that his legal team has been informed about the fire incident.

 He used the occasion to call on the Government of Liberia (GoL), to empower the Liberia National Fire Service (LNFS) so as to make it more responsive in fighting fire outbreaks nationwide.

Gen. Wallace stressed that every city in Liberia needs a sub-station of the Liberia national Fire Service to swiftly combat any fire outbreak.

He, however, thanked neighbors and New Georgia Community residents for their effort in putting off the fire.

 “They tried their best, but they were unable to save the church and the radio station and other materials which were there,” he asserted.

“I will not stop serving God,” he said. 

Some eyewitnesses who spoke to the INSIGHT yesterday at the scene of the fire incident attributed the outbreak to an electrical fault.

The eyewitnesses said, before fire outbreak, there was a spark from an electric pole near the church.

“Few minutes later, we saw the church on fire and that is how we began to shout, calling on people to put off the fire but it was not possible to do so,” one witness told the INSIGHT.

  LEC could not be immediately reached up to press time yesterday for comment on the incident.

When the INSIGHT yesterday contacted the Chief of Operations of the Liberia National Fire Service (LNFS), Ltc. Samie Toe, at the scene of the fire incident for comment, she said LNFS is still investigating the matter to establish the actual cause of the fire.

Ltc. Toe said, after the ongoing investigation, the public will be informed on the matter.

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