Rep. Mensah calls on women to stand up ...As President Weah assures support for Women
Bong County, District #6 Lawmaker Moima Briggs Mensa
Bong County, District #6 Lawmaker Moima Briggs Mensa

Bong County, District #6 Lawmaker Moima Briggs Mensah has called for unity among Liberian Women.


She said if they united, women will never ever be downplayed in the Liberian Society and will be key figures in every sector of the country.

The Bong County Lawmaker said women are not taking their strategic places in Government and the private sector because they are not together.

She said women are seen as the underdogs in most cases in the society, because they are used as the weaker link and do not stand on their own.

She cautioned women to be moral, intelligent and to compete with men in any sphere of life.

She, however, stressed that despite the challenges that Liberian women face within all sectors of life, they still need to struggle for their voice to be heard and make their impact in the Society.

The Bong County Lawmaker added that the SHEROES International Women Forum is not hosted in Liberia for Women celebrities, it is also there to help rural woman know their importance and impact in the society and what they can gave back to their country.


She urged women in Liberia to take the lead in every aspect of life and let men follow, because they are the most important in the society.

Madam, Mensah Spoke at the International SHEROES forum which got underway in Monrovia with scores of prominent women advocates from the African continent gracing the occasion.

Also speaking at the opening ceremony, Liberia’s President, Dr. George Manneh Weah, reiterated his government’s commitment to promoting women development and gender equality.

President Weah declared himself a feminist and pledged to champion the cause of women of Liberia throughout his presidency.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish to declare myself as “Liberia’s Feminist-in-Chief”, and hereby pledge to the women of Liberia that I will do all that I can, during my tenure as President of this country, to fight for gender equality and empowerment,” he declared.

The President recounted that Liberia was the first to do away with the stereotype that only men could head an African government when in 2005 the nation elected the continent’s first female president, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, noting that the country continues to take pride in the establishment of such a historical precedent.


The Liberian Leader further called for affirmative action to be taken to foster greater inclusiveness of women in national leadership, emphasizing that numerous studies and research have proven that there is a definite correlation between women empowerment and sustainable economic development.

Meanwhile, the SHEROES Foundation is a nonprofit organization working to end gender inequality in all facets of life in Africa and focuses on economic and political empowerment to achieving the SDGs aim of gender equality.

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