'More Than Me Girls Stigmatization'Troubles MYS
Youth and Sports Minister, D. Zeogar
Youth and Sports Minister, D. Zeogar

The Ministry of Youth and Sports says it is troubled by news of the stigmatization of the students of the More than Me Academy who were victims of rape and sexual exploitation.


                                  Youth and Sports Minister, D. Zeogar





Mr. D. Zeogar Wilson, in his capacity as Youth Minister and a member of the Special Task Force on the More than Me rape issue, appeals to the public to avoid stigmatizing the girls who are already undergoing psychological challenges during the ongoing crisis.


Minister Wilson emphasized that while the investigation is ongoing, it is important for the public to provide the girls the needed support in these critical times.


He asserted that regardless of the magnitude of the crime, it is only prudent for all Liberians to rally their support and provide workable solutions to the wellbeing and future of the victims.


The Youth and Sports Minister noted that stigmatization, if not drastically dealt with, has the propensity to undermine the ongoing investigation or worsen the condition of the girls.


The Ministry of Youth and Sports, in a statement issued over the weekend, pledged its commitment to work along with other partners to ensure that students of More than Me Academy are treated with dignity and given a better future

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