Over 100 Houses in Power Theft ...In Gardinersville

The Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) , over the weekend disconnected more than 100 residential housing units in several communities in Gardnersville and its environs for their alleged involvement in the stealing of electrical power.

Some of the communities where the houses were illegally connected to LEC poles included Shoe Factory, Chocolate City, Duan town, Bardnersville Junction among others.

Mr. Andrew M. Santee, Metering, Auditing and Disconnection Manager of LEC said the illegal connections were discovered in the various communities about two weeks ago.


 He said LEC later sent a team of its technicians who disconnected all of the houses which were suspected to be involved in such acts from the LEC facilities and subsequently warned them to desist.

However, according to Mr. Santee, when the LEC team later visited the communities where the illegal connections were previously carried out, the team was shocked to know that some of the houses that were disconnected for stealing of electricity power were again reconnected illegally by unscrupulous individuals who claimed to be employees of LEC.

Mr. Santee said nobody was on Friday arrested in connection to the electricity stealing in the concerned communities but those who were suspected to be connected to such criminal acts were again warned to desist after their housing units were again disconnected.

He said the increasing rate of illegal connections to LEC facilities in several communities is severely impacting the operation of the entity. 

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