Speaker Doetein Highlights Liberian Children's Healthcare plights to WHO, Others
Jutomue Doetein
Jutomue Doetein

The Speaker of Liberian Children Representative Forum, Jutomue Doetein, has called on the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international health bodies to invest more in Liberia’s health sector.

Speaking inKazakhstan, Astana, at program marking the observance ofthe 40th Anniversary of the Declaration of Alma-Ata, a Global Conference with focus on Primary Health Care, Mr. Doetein highlighted the challenges face by Liberia’s children in the country’s healthcare delivery sector and the need to address their plights.


According to Speaker Doetein, the event was held from 21st to 26th of October 2018. The Liberian Children Speaker said during the occasion, he was privileged to meet with the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) and other global health stakeholders.


Addressing a news conference held in Monrovia on Thursday upon his return to Liberia, speaker Doetein asserted that in Liberia today, baby mothers and children die almost daily due to the lack of Primary Healthcare.

He described the situation as a serious problem which is hampering the living conditions of women and children in the country.

Quoting chapter 3 of the 2011 children’s Law of Liberia, Doetein indicated that every child has the right to good healthcare.

He, at the same time, calls on the Liberian Government to train more Community Health Assistants to cater to the needs of mothers and children who do not have easy access to hospitals and clinics in some parts of the country.

Commenting on other issues affecting children in women in Liberia, Speaker Doetein called on the Liberian Government to address the problem of Price increment relative to gasoline and fuel on the local market.

He said the increment in the prices of gasoline and fuel is negatively affecting the lives of women and children as it relates to their daily transportation to carry out their normal businesses.

 He indicated that as a result of the high costs of transportation which commercial vehicle drivers and motorcyclists are blaming on the increment of the prices of gasoline and fuel, most children and women are now walking to school and market places among others.


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