In Mafelah Town in Bong: Diarrhea, Cholera, Strike Many Residents

 Over 300 residents of Mafelah Town in Bong County, have called on the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Public Works and the WASH sector as well as local authorities to help provide safe drinking water for them in the area.

Mafelah’s Town is located in Suakoko district, Bong County, Central Liberia, and is being represented at the 54th Legislature by Rep. Edward W. Karfiah, who is serving a second term.

The Town, with a population of approximately three hundred and fifty inhabitants has only one functional hand pump. They people also use an unsafe well for drinking and other domestic purposes. However, the residents told the INSIGHT that the well usually become dried during the dry season.

According to our Correspondent who toured the area recently, the lack of safe drinking water has led to many people becoming ill as a result of drinking from the contaminated well and nearby creeks.

Some of the residents are currently suffering from diarrhea, cholera and other waterborne diseases, our correspondents said.

The affected people, many of whom are children, are also finding it difficult to seek medication as a result of the lack of public clinic in the area.

“We are suffering for safe drinking in this community and our children die on a daily basis from strange diseases. We have no clinic and roads,” some residents stressed.

Speaking on behalf of the citizens of the area, the Youth President of the town, David Flomo, appealed to the district Lawmaker, Karfiah to quickly intervene.

The youth leader said he wants the Bong County Lawmaker to construct a hand pump and a latrine facility for use by the community dwellers.

 The Community residents also used the occasion to appeal to the  government and its partners and  non-governmental organizations to assist with construction of  hand pumps  to save the lives of many residents of the town.

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