Tragic Accident Triggers Violence ...At MNG Gold in Bong ...Angry residents loot company's facility ...Several Arrested; As LNP Launches house-to house search

Saye-Weh town in Kokoyah District, Bong County, was a scene of sorrows and weeping Monday afternoon, November 5, 2018, as a vehicle said to be owned by a hired Chinese contracted company, under the Turkish mining Company, MNG-Gold, accidentally killed four Persons.

According to our sources, a motorcyclist, name not given, was ascending (climbing) a hill with three passengers (a girl and 2 boys) while the vehicle of the hired Chinese company was also descending (coming down the hill) when the motorcycle and vehicle collided along the road, leading to the instant killing of the bike passengers.

The driver of the vehicle (name not given) escaped the scene of the accident for fear of reprisal from an angry mob.

The angry residents of the area who trooped to the accident scene later set the four-door TOYOTA land cruiser pick-up reportedly belonging to the company ablaze.

As a result of the killing of the four persons in the motor accident, some of the angry residents of the area broke into the facility of MNG Gold and made way with several materials including computers and accessories, chairs, among others.

The aggrieved residents threatened to flog or severely deal with anyone who would resist them from entering the company's operating site.

However, our Bong County Correspondent disclosed that Yesterday morning, November 6, 2018, the Liberian National Police (LNP), Bong Detachment, swiftly deployed some armed police officers to the area to contain the violence situation and ensure law and order.

The INSIGHT also understands that the LNP officers are conducting a house-to-house search for the materials looted from the company’s operating site by the residents.

Our Correspondent says some of the residents have also been arrested.

The INSIGHT also gathered that in recent times, the people of Kokoyah Statutory District in Bong County have not been in good relations with MNG Gold which has been operating in the area.

Our sources indicated that the people of Kokoyah statutory district are not satisfied with the workings of the mining company.

A few weeks ago, there were reports that a well which is being used by students of a public school for drinking in the area was allegedly contaminated by dirt and chemical from MNG Gold operating site.

Some of the residents claimed that as a result of the well contamination, several students of the school became sick.

 At the time, the school students launched a peaceful demonstration, calling for the relocation of the school and the medical treatment of the alleged chemical affected public school students. The protesting students, and residents, at the time, called for thorough investigation of the alleged well contamination situation for appropriate corrective measures.

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